Up coming training in Paris :

16 wednesday October

Considering the rapid evolution of payment methods on the Web, this training prepares for the introduction of the new standards that will transform the e-commerce ecosystem.


Understand the main characteristics of the current and future web payment solutions and assess the strategic and economic consequences of the on-going evolution.


This training is aimed at professionals in the world of commerce (both web and brick & mortar) in charge of strategy, marketing or customer payments.

Requirements : None


Part one : The current payment solutions in web-commerce : advantages and limitations.


Part two : Raising trends and new constraints

  • From PC to Smartphone
  • Biometrics
  • Strong Authentication
  • Contextual payment

Part three : The new standards

The vision of W3C for web payments The FIDO Alliance for authentication


Part four : The strategic and economical consequences for merchants

Teaching and training methods

Quality : an assessment will be conducted at the end of the training through a form. The results will be shared with the participants and, upon request, with their employers.

A certificate will be issued to the trainee at the end of the training.


– Trainer is a senior consultant with more than 20 years experience in payments – Possibility to do this training in remote

– Training available in French or in English

– The number of participants is limited to 12


Our DATADOCK certification allows you to finance up to 100% of this training through OPCA (in France only).

Canton can support you throughout the administrative process.


The training will be performed by Nicolas ANCOT. Expert in payment solutions. Managing Partner of CANTON and former Vice-President of VISA Europe for 13 years, he has conceived, developped and managed V PAY, a solution awarded as the most innovative in the SEPA area. Based in Milan, he is a consultant for projects of strategic importance at European scale. He is also one of the founders of Get Your Bill, an innovative start-up in Italy for e-invoicing.

Evaluation Moyenne des autres formations

Quality of the training (8,9/10)
Quality of the teaching (8,8/10)
In line with expectations (8,3/10)
Quality of the organisation and logistics (8/10)


1 day


9 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 75008 PARIS


1250 € VAT excl. (Lunch included)

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