In a few years, the rules of transparency, vigilance and protection of users imposed on payment service providers have been part of a Community legal framework that is increasingly demanding and applicable to a growing number of professions.

The seriousness of the banking crisis has further accentuated this trend by now leading supervisors to make consumer protection a priority and systematic requirement.

Since the creation of CANTON Consulting, we have made the control of compliance requirements one of our top priorities in order to provide our customers with the best security and reliability in the design or control of their vigilance, Internal, permanent or periodic control, as well as in the prevention of the risks associated with these reinforced or new requirements.

Compliance in the broad sense encompasses multiple complementary requirements arising from Community rules, Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA), industrial standards, national legislations or regulations issued by supervisors, etc. The plurality of paths and experiences The founders’ team ensures that our clients have both mastery of rules and regulatory, industrial, legal or business requirements, as well as the pragmatism that allows, through a relevant risk analysis, to focus efforts on effective measures And appropriate devices, proportionate to the threats.

The requirement of conformity constitutes one of the first conditions necessary for the approval of the regulator.

At the design stage of the project and then its presentation to the regulator as well as during normal operation, compliance must remain the object of a continuous attention: our assistance will allow you to respect the requirements as well as to prevent the possible consequences, potentially burdensome for both the institution and its leaders. We are at your disposal to help you design, validate, present, optimize or control your organization and your performance in terms of compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Assessment and Control, Permanent Control and Periodic Inspection, KYC Your Customer “), payment traceability, compliance with CRBF 97-02 (Rules of the Banking and Financial Regulation Committee on Internal Control of Credit Institutions and Investment Companies), PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), …