Payment is at the heart of trade!

Improved customer knowledge, habits, behaviors, needs and expectations can be enriched with intelligent management of the information contained in payment transactions.

The format of SEPA transactions, which includes, apart from the client’s reference characters, an area of ​​140 free data characters that can be used, in particular, for commercial purposes, makes it possible to envisage a significant enrichment of the content of each transaction for financial and commercial uses.

Mastering these data provides a key to the business development of the company. A strategy to take advantage of the structuring or use of the free part of the message in order to innovate in the management of the relationship with the customers, opens the maximum of perspectives. But, by itself, the implementation of a system allowing the exploitation of the basic data can already make considerable progress.
Nevertheless, the problem of determining who is dealing with and who has access to these data remains a critical point in the strategic choice process: should they be exploited internally? Organize a subsidiary specializing in the payment services business? Or, on the contrary, give up commercial exploitation of this type of data?

CANTON Consulting helps you identify issues and solutions to meet your expectations of customer relationship enrichment.

Many technical solutions are now available, at the intersection of payment, CRM and loyalty solutions.

CANTON Consulting provides you with an extensive knowledge of emerging solutions at the level of the European economic area and helps you to identify objectives and solutions.

At the integration stage, CANTON Consulting then provides a transversal mastery of the constraints to be reconciled, between commercial performance, protection of personal data, supervisory requirements and legal constraints.