Innovations in payment are taking advantage of a new regulatory framework with as many constraints as new opportunities How can we take advantage of these developments ? How to become a full player in this emerging payment services economy ?

Payments, because they affect the currency, are and will always remain a regulated activity.

How can one integrate its entrepreneurial project into this new regulatory framework and become a full-fledged provider of payment services?

The articles of association, approvals or declarations necessary for the performance of a payment services activity may fall into the following categories:

  • Payment service provider: PSP, ie credit institution or payment institution
  • Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Services: IOBSP
  • Exemption scheme, under certain conditions and under what conditions?

The perfect knowledge that the founders of CANTON Consulting have acquired of these mechanisms allow us to provide you with the best advisory service on the choice of a strategy, the conditions to obtain the necessary status for your project, Organization and meeting of the conditions necessary for the issue of the authorizations requested.

Several candidates for accreditation have asked us to accompany them on this journey.

Already, three of our clients have obtained their payment authorization in France.

Our approach is based on an original, participatory and effective methodology which contributes to the speed of finalization of the files and the guarantee of the completion of the process.

Getting accreditation means being able to justify to the supervisor the right mastery of the required business skills.

Our support will enable you to acquire and integrate these requirements into your organization, the key to success and in the best conditions of time and cost effectiveness.