Controlling cash flow at the heart of the company’s performance. The treasury is the gateway to the citadel.

It is at this point that the exchanges between the interior and the exterior materialize. Flows must be perfectly organized and optimized. This success is a testimony to the rigorous management of a company with regard to its partners, customers, suppliers, bankers and payment service providers. Supplying accounting and management control, it is a world of precision and analysis to facilitate the controls of the running of the company. These are also mechanisms that have the potential to become levers or even marketing intelligence tools.

The time needed for revisions: controlling costs and risks, in the transition phase and in the operational phase

Technical protocols are evolving. After Etebac 3 and 5, the time is at EBICS and Swifnet. The stakes and clienteles diverge as well as the costs. The new SEPA standards already require the BIC / IBAN to be communicated for all payments. Within a few months, operations will have to be feasible with the IBAN alone. Infrastructures, processes and software will have to be modified.

Are you ready for these developments?

There will be many impacts. In terms of procedures, information systems, risk and liability, security or fraud prevention, all precautions must be taken. From the legal review of contracts and procedures, to the monitoring of the specifications of the evolution of the systems, we help you to validate the consistency of the work sites and to minimize the cost.

Is the management of the new pan-European instruments, direct debits and transfers, the direct debit SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) or the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) fully integrated? How to get the most out of it? How to avoid the extra costs, both on the billing side by the provider (bank, management of mandates, preservation and archiving, …) and by the induced effects on process, logistics and administration costs? What alternatives to adopt, if you still use drafts or trade items?

It is also necessary to integrate and anticipate the effects of the new mechanisms of repudiation of payment transactions by the payers, within extended periods and conditions varying according to the types of flows, B2B or B2C, one-off or recurring payments …

The opportunity to optimize, in a renewed context: the benefits of assistance by CANTON Consulting

We would like to take this opportunity to take advantage of these inevitable constraint investments. We have the right teams and skills to enable you to mobilize several levers. Here are a few.

The scarcity of credit encourages the development and systematization of cash pooling and group agreements, whatever the size of the company, trying to organize itself at best by taking account of foreign tax constraints (taxes, Of stamp). The development of these uses is also motivated by risk management issues. The placement of liquidity in certain geographical locations or certain counterparties can be dangerous.

Controlling flows is at the confluence of customer and supplier credit management. In a regulatory context where compliance with payment deadlines will be required and will be more closely monitored, in particular with the new 2011/7 / EU directive applicable in 2013, customer and supplier management is becoming a key issue.

The ongoing need to reduce payment costs to optimize risk management and payment solutions now leads to a rethink of payment service provider choice cards. This is an opportunity to take full advantage of the context created by the Payment Services Directive, “DSP”, 2007/64 / EC on payment services, which favors the emergence of new providers of non-banking services , Carriers of innovative services. CANTON Consulting, through its permanent European-wide monitoring work, acquired these services and new service providers will enable you, by integrating these offers in the consultations, to position your final performance at the highest level.

CANTON Consulting helps you in this task of optimization, rationalization and cost reduction.