What is the excitement around the new means of payment changing in distribution?

Payment is at the heart of trade, but it’s innovation that will make it a crucial issue for traders and producers of goods and services.

New payment services offerings are being prepared and are intended for wide distribution among consumers. They are built especially around bouquets of services (payment, coupons, fidelity, exploitation of customer data) that these emerging offers can be very expensive to the traders.

The risk of capturing value added is therefore greatly increasing.

Payment solutions are increasingly heterogeneous, increasing the complexity of the price so that the final cost to merchants is impossible to replenish.

To avoid this, we must anticipate and control the evolution of its payment solutions so as not to rely on these new payment service providers without being able to negotiate the price.

The emergence of SEPA (single euro payments area) will really open up the market and diversify usable solutions. It is up to the merchants to reappropriate the payment, to offer several payment solutions or even, why not, a clean solution, with added value! The large retailers had already set up their own banks to have their own means of payment. Today, the creation of a bank is no longer a must!

We support companies and companies who want to create value by optimizing their payment solutions or by choosing innovative payment solutions.

The control and anticipation of these developments also opens up a major area of ​​commercial innovation: promotion of purchase, kinematics of purchase, increase in the conversion rate, optimization of the point of sale and logistics processes, loyalty and subscriptions, personalization of the service …

Our specialists, who have the advantage of being able to monitor the European economic space on innovative solutions and uses, propose to you to find, based on an analysis of your needs and markets, innovations, able to be part of a strategy of global optimization of your payment solutions.

Make payment an asset at the heart of your business!