The Internet revolution has profoundly transformed the real estate sector. The revolution in payments announces a transformation of equal importance.

The new regulation applicable to payment services is applicable to the real estate sector, both as a result of the new regulatory constraints that will be imposed on the sector and because of the new opportunities they bring.

Whether it is to anticipate constraints and minimize cost and risk, or to engage in strategic financial or commercial optimization, CANTON Consulting offers you a support adapted to the particularities of this sector.

The real estate sector is characterized by a number of special constraints:

  • Role of Intermediary: for the sales activity, the operators of the real estate are subjected to obligations of vigilance in the fight against money laundering. Their job places them in a particularly exposed situation for which they have few tools. For the property management business, the agency is an intermediary between the tenant and the lessor. In addition to the previous obligations, it must recover on a regular basis a set of sums (rent, expenses, etc.) of a generally constant amount over the year, exceptional circumstances. The effectiveness of recovery, which must be inexpensive and minimize unpaid payments, plays a critical role in the profitability of the business, especially in times of crisis.
  • The activity of trustee also involves numerous, but more irregular, regulations, and calls for funds often have to be subject to random regularisations.
  • Professionals must apply, particularly in times of crisis, to preventing the risk of default, which is increased by facilitating the right to obtain repudiation payment from its payment service provider, payment services now offers consumers.

The new European framework for payment services therefore concerns this sector in the first place:

  • It provides real opportunities for optimization
  • It can provide a major lever for innovation in customer relations
  • It concentrates a set of critical information with regard to the many new regulations to be respected, which a good organization of the information systems allows to exploit at best and at least cost.

CANTON Consulting offers to help you optimize your organization in order to:

  • Reduce operations costs (competition between the various Payment Service Providers, use of new means of payment, or even the establishment of a payment / collection plant, such as a payment institution).
  • An easier and more regular collection of sums owed (diversification of payment methods offered to debtors, search for innovative solutions in the management of late payment…)
  • An economically satisfactory management of the social dimension of the activity: the payment chain can better integrate the appeal to the different providers of housing assistance, through the use of processes in which CANTON Consulting enjoys exclusive rights.