The payment is of a special nature throughout the transport sector.

Mobility reinforces the heterogeneity of the situations to be treated. Unit volumes and amounts require careful management to optimize management and cost-of-processing parameters. However, the impacts at stake and the areas of progress are very different depending on the situation of the many actors involved in this sector.

Three areas are particularly concerned:

  • Freight transport
  • The transport of persons, for tourism purposes or long journeys
  • Local public transport

The new European payment activities framework paves the way for competitive innovations that the transport sector must be able to exploit.

In the field of freight transport generally over long distances, companies must both facilitate the easy and quick settlement of all expenses directly incurred by the driver (gasoline, tolls, tires, routine or exceptional maintenance, , Etc.) and succeed in framing them.

Controlling expenditure becomes possible. The ability to provide an intrinsically safe and inexpensive solution, possibly accompanied by system reductions in partner networks, will be a valuable asset … The time for innovation is here!

In the field of long distance passenger transport, the reflection on the needs of companies is enriched by the need to offer clients flexible, low-cost payment solutions, including loyalty.

Lastly, with regard to local public transport, priority will naturally be given to devices that provide maximum ease for customers to encourage the easier use of such public transport. Multi-modal use, compensation of flows between different managers, under the control of various authorities, interoperability, etc. all keys to the adoption of new systems perceived by all stakeholders as more efficient.

The regulation should be able to be done in a unitary way (for a route) or to authorize subscription devices. The grouping together by household, family etc. will be a plus as well as the integration of the aid schemes on the part of the communities and the different social actors.

The solution of what can quickly become a headache with abundant constraints?

Pilot in an overall scheme the appropriation initiatives of these new means of payment, to ensure consistent management, operational performance and customer ergonomics. New offers abound in Europe.

CANTON Consulting assists you, in the assistance of project owner or for the integration of relevant solutions adjusted as close as possible to your needs.

In all these areas, CANTON Consulting has expertise in new technologies, the engineering of payment offers, the setting up of management structures to support decision-makers in their strategic approach and in their implementation.