Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Web Payment How do you want to pay"Since 2014, CANTON is a W3C member, participating to the WEB PAYMENTS INTEREST GROUP.

This working group is building the Web Payments open standards of the future, identifying the requirements and expectations of payers and payees in order to build a technically standardized web payment experience.

“We are long overdue for a payments user interface for the web.”
—Tim Berners-Lee, New York Times, 25 September 2016

Through this membership, CANTON Consulting is directly involved in cutting edge researches and discussions about the future of payments across the US and Europe.

Jean-Yves ROSSI is leading the Task Force Regulatory Landscape.

Every implementer of any Web Payments technology will face regulatory requirements in effect both at the client and the server location for any transaction.  Jean-Yves helped the IG understand how they can help implementers by working together to provide descriptions of regional regulatory requirements.

Attendees of the Web Payments Working Group meeting in London in July, 2016

CANTON Consulting has participated to the Web Payment Interest Group since the start and wishes to channel a stronger European involvement through a mutualisation of the effort.