What is the real cost of payment for merchants?

Since 2015, the EU’s regulation has capped interchange fees and set new requirements related to transparency for Payment Service Providers. PSD 2 that came into force in January 2018, paved the way for new payment solutions, such as the payment initiation, in order to improve User eXperience and to reduce costs for merchants.

Notwithstanding these efforts, the various costs and fees charged to the merchant keep increasing.

1st panel : How are the costs evolving since the introduction of the interchange regulation ?

Whereas the European Commission has started its analysis of the regulation’s impact, we will draw the list of the various costs that retailers pay for accepting card payments and will check how those costs evolved over the last years.

Panelists for the first round table :

  • Nicolas ANCOT, CANTON-Consulting, Managing partner

  • Scott McINNES, Bird & Bird, Partner

  • Peter ROBINSON, Eurocommerce, Payment advisor

The pace of transformation of the structure of payment costs is increasing, sometimes in favor of, sometimes to the detriment of merchants. After a presentation by CANTON of the learnings of the in-depth analysis of several real business cases in several European countries, aimed at merchant costs optimization, we will hear from European Authorities on actual protecting measures and the impact of the 2013 Payment package, in particular the Regulation 2015/751 and the prohibition of circumvention that it entails.

Testimonies from Merchants and PSPs will complement this first sequence dedicated to understanding the trends that are strengthening and are calling for a close watch by Merchants, in front of transformations which are silently prevailing or coming up soon, like the obligation of strong autentication and corresponding liability shift, as well as proven threats: corporate credit card costs, the growth of cash-back, adoption of apps substituting cards.

2nd Round Table : What can retailers do to protect themselves ?

A range of measures is available to retailers in order to reduce those costs, which hit directly their margin. We will comment some on-going initiatives, implementation difficulties but also huge benefits.

Panelists for the second round table :

  • N… (TBD), European Union Commission

  • Peter ROBINSON, Eurocommerce, Payment advisor

  • Jean-Yves ROSSI, Canton-Consulting, CEO & Partner

From understanding towards action: which are the measures and strategies of potential mitigation ? Under which constraints and limits ?

How to filter cards with pervading predator fees ? Or to surcharge back the excessive fees ?

How to reduce the cost of fraud, without compromising conversion rates ? How to be prepared for strong authentication ? How to protect purchase related data ? What is going to be the impact of the innovative Web Payment API announced beginning of April ?

Participation of other experts from Merchants, PSP and Fintechs is pending.

Those panels will bring original and valuable insights for your strategy.

Through two panels, and a selection of innovations, this morning session will highlight the underlying trends, currently impacting negatively the profit margin of retailers, in both web and in-store sales.

Third part : Ultimate selection of innovations

Discover through the practical experience of some pioneering stakeholders such as PSPs, Fintech, Merchants, … how new tools and solutions can help understand and contain such nasty trends.

Through a selection of innovations, find your best response to make payments easier, safer, cheaper!

An enjoyable morning, including the final buffet will provide insights around a major issue and facilitate open discussions and networking.

To get all the answers, come and join our next PIC conference:


Our Panelists

Jean-Yves ROSSI

CEO, Canton-Consulting

Nicolas ANCOT

Managing Partner, Canton-Consulting


CEO, InTech


Payments Advisor, Eurocommerce

Scott McInnes

Partner, Bird & Bird


Payments Director, AllForOne

Thursday 16 May

9:30 am to 2:30 pm (Food Inclusive)


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