CANTON Consulting was founded in 2009, during the days following the transposition of the DSP in France. Jean-Yves ROSSI, founder of CANTON, created this firm with the firm conviction that the subject of payments would be the next great adventure in services and technology.

CANTON Consulting has four core businesses: consulting, training, publishing and research.

The firm first introduced itself with its professional magazine Les Nouvelles Dynamiques du Paiement (NDP) ®, which has become the essential watch tool for all professionals in the sector.

In addition to its publishing activity, CANTON Consulting has developed a consultancy offering which is today its main activity.

This consultancy offering is designed to support the success of innovative projects in payment services. In particular, CANTON Consulting has supported the creation of three of the largest French payment institutions, in B2B, B2C and C2C, and the firm works on projects and offers of payment services in the main European countries.

The training naturally complements this offer. It is provided by practitioners who are involved in our team in active monitoring and are immersed in a practical and operational way in the setting up of specific projects around SEPA, the creation of new payment institutions or e-money institutions, or payment solution optimization. Our catalog offers a complete and coherent range of training on various aspects of the payment business.

Research is a strong component of the character of our company, which brings together many engineers and dedicates a significant part of its activity to research and development, fulfilling the criteria of the innovative young company, JEI. Our research focuses in particular on the modeling of compliance rules and on the management of databases allowing the research and analysis of the rules of rights applicable over time in the different EEA countries.

CANTON Consulting also has an exclusive right to support the design and implementation of solutions using an innovative payment solution architecture (European and US patents pending).

Since October 1, 2014, CANTON Consulting has become a full member of the W3C and participates as such in the Web Payment Interest Group, launched on October 27, 2014. This is a major asset for a broader view of the evolutions in the payment services market.