An offer covering different aspects of payment services

CANTON Consulting launched in 2012 an offer of internships specially adapted to the needs of companies in the field of payment services, as close as possible to the news of an market undergoing major changes.

Our catalog offers three courses:

  • CCS: Understanding the Strategic Keys of SEPA and the New Payment Services Market
  • MRC: Mastering compliance rules
  • OFT: Optimize cash flow and cash management

Since 2013, a partnership with the Paris Bar School (EFB) has made it possible to open several of these training courses to the in-service training of lawyers, in compliance with the National Council of Bars (CNB) requirements.

We can adapt our offer to your needs: search for new dates, response to intra-company training requests, training in English, engineering of training programs or distance training, as part of our partnership with Cybel,. ..