What is the shortest way for you to benefit from the savings, security and innovation potential of blockchain technology ?

CANTON Consulting offers its consulting services, in addition to the range of its training courses, integrating a unique strategic vision of the technological options, based on its active participation in the working groups of the CANTON Consulting Group. W3C, in contact with the world’s leading players in the field.

This vision will be put to the service of a practical and concrete approach, centered on the capacity to proceed by prototyping and the development of “Blockchain solutions” to measure.

We can help you:

  • Identify winning use cases around the Blockchain.
  • Design, define and build customized prototypes (POC), in line with your expectations and respond to your specific needs.
  • Addressing topics such as value transfers, payments, traceability, smart contracts, voting and CRM, … using the range of available solutions (side-chains, distributed registers, CAD, etc.) and always striving to maintain the organizational and legal rigor that will be the keys to the success of your project.