Whether you are a commercial, industrial, service or public company, payment is at the heart of your business.

But most often, costs, the associated management costs, the performance of the recovery, the mechanisms that determine the risk of unpaid, the image effect induced by the effectiveness of the payment solutions you use, their rigor or the anomalies detected by your debtors… are parameters underestimated or ignored. Perceived as banal, these charges have generally not been revisited for a long time.

Yet the performance of payment systems is directly related to the profitability of the activity. Any saving, whether on the cost of the payment service itself, the costs of management or recovery or on the charges of arrears, mechanically enhances the result and the profitability of the activity.

Even more so, because of the combined effect of tensions on the purchasing power of consumers and the behavioral changes brought by the emergence of new services and payment solutions, the technical and financial commercial adequacy between your business and payment services solutions offered is a critical issue.

An adapted payment solution for each activity

From a diagnosis – which promises to reveal a few surprises – we suggest you select the payment solutions that will combine economic and commercial performance to the best of your interests. In order to find the right approach and to optimize the modalities, CANTON Consulting’s knowledge of all traditional, new and emerging payment solutions, their advantages and disadvantages is a unique asset.

For the implementation phase, CANTON Consulting will be able to adapt it to the best of your organization and accompany its implementation and success.